We are a collaborative of architects, curators and graphic designers. We are interested in finding new ways of living together, of giving and taking. In the face of the current global discourse on migration and a fast growing population, we are forced to reflect upon an opening to the outside. Therefore we participate in projects which are dealing with the creation of open spaces for the benefit of all.


Corina Ebeling
Cornelia Faist
Charles Job
Kathrin Hofer
Brigitte Lampert

We are finalists to design the Swiss Pavilion for the Venice Biennial of Architecture 2018

Our concept ” No man is an Island: Shared resources” envisions a scenario whereby both the global north and south are engaged in a creative dialogue about and around densification in the modern metropolis, and centered upon one specific aspect: showcasing exemplary projects on the theme of Shared Resources.

Submission 1. round (Pdf)

The projects of the 5 finalists you will find here.

Foto by Mali Lazell