Thinking for ourselves! Utilizing our strengths together!

The individual

In our view, every person not only has the right to be themselves and think for themselves, but that in a globally interconnected world we must also, quite specifically, have the courage to strike an attitude of our own. Because only those who strike their own attitude and are confident enough to display this attitude openly can be considered genuine and trustworthy.


We humans are flesh and blood social beings. We can gain a lot from the digital world in the most positive sense only if we also stay connected in an analogue way, person to person. If we are successful in channelling our individual strengths, we can achieve great things together. For the benefit of all!

The power of art

With the power of art and culture, we can open hearts and minds and bring down the barriers of inhibition. When harnessed in the right way, culture can extend horizons, direct attention towards individual needs and at the same time connect people with ease. Therefor we utilize the tools of theatre, music and visual arts.Empowering people with attitude and competence – effectively and just different!