3. Salon am 2. Juli 2015

Biography vs Autobiography
Lying about Life?

Thursday 2 July, 2015, 19.00
Seldwyla Zumikon-Zürich

From how many points of view can our lives and the lives of others be seen? How objective are we in the appraisal of ourselves and of strangers? What role is played by our unique personal attitude?

It was absolutely fantastic! Great artists and authors, sunny weather and all around us, interested, happy people. After some exciting contributions by Susanne Giger, Rolf Lyssy and Anne Rüffer, our guests were able to discover works by Klodin Erb, Thilo Hoffmann, Koka Ramishwili und Cornelia Renz. They were also fortunate to experience the conclusion of the longest work in the history of music. Mona Nüssli and Krystyna Zbojnowcz began playing Erik Satie’s Vexations the previous day, the 90th anniversary of the death of the composer.

Afterwards, discussions continued until well after midnight. People enjoyed a splendid evening in pleasant company with delicious Thai food and good wine. On the Dorfplatz, till late, we listened to the wonderful Ruth Schwengler talking about her life.

We´ve interviewed our audience on their biographical phantasies.


Rolf Lyssy, film director, reads from his autobiography “Swiss Paradise”

Susanne Giger, Journalist und Author, reads from her book “Hans Vontobel. Bankier | Patron | Zeitzeuge”

Anne Rüffer, publisher, gives tips und tricks on the theme of biography writing and interaction with the public.

Ruth Schwegler, actress, tells “her” an “invented” or
“borrowed” Biografie. How “true” this life is is left up to the public.

Klodin Erb, artist, lives and works in Zurich, shows pictures from the series Orlando, 2013/14/15

Thilo Hoffmann, artist, lives and works in Zurich shows 30 Seconds Films, since 1999

Koka Ramishvili, artist, lives and works in Geneva, shows Coffee, Video-Loop 2009

Cornelia Renz, artist, lives and works in Berlin und Jerusalem, shows Point of Origin, Video-Loop 2014

Krystyna Zbojnowicz und Mona Nüssli, pianists, play Erik Satie, Performance

Biographies of the artists here.

Photos: Helge Ferbitz

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