Courage, Culture & Communication


Cultural projects, salons and workshops to inspire greater courage, attitude and community spirit in the workplace and in day to day life.

Independent thinking allowed!

Our vision: To motivate people through culture and to help bring about a more courageous, self-confident and responsible society.

Courage, attitude and community spirit are in all of us. We just need the confidence to stand by our values. that’s attitude would like to inspire people towards greater courage in their day to day lives and in their careers. We will provide help and support so that people can discover their true values and attitude, and live life with courage and commitment.

Through the power of art and culture and the means they provide, we will:

  • present the themes you care about in an effective and sustainable way
  • conceive, organise and produce inspiring events, exhibitions and audio-visual projects.
  • put across complex scientific themes to a wide public
  • build a creative protected framework in which people can step out of the digital world and immerse themselves in a living dialogue with flesh and blood people.
  • offer workshops where people will be able, in a playful manner, to discover abilities they didn’t know they had.
  • put on cultural salons open to the public


Foto: Mali Lazell